Sungkai Hot Springs

Went to Sungakai Hot Springs with a bunch of friends on Saturday – 26 May 2012. The place is surprisingly well mantained and with friendly workers around the place. Entrance fee is RM 12.00 for adults. We reached there about 10.00 am plus. Luckily the morning is not too hot and we suggest for future travellers to this place to reach there early as the springs there are all ‘open-spaced’ type with little or no shades.

What is amazing is that there is a place for you to boil eggs. There is even a notice to all people for the length of time to soak the eggs in the hot spring water. If all you want is half boiled eggs then three minutes of soaking in the hot water is sufficient.

It was overall an enjoyable time soaking in the hot springs water. It is very relaxing and what surprised me the most is that the place there is well kept and clean. For me it is RM 12.00 well spent.


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