Tablet anyone ?

List of assumptions:

1. I have enough money to pay in cash to buy a RM 2,000 tablet

2. By tablet i mean any touch screen device that you can hold for in one hand for more than one hour without rest

3. Storage space is fixed for the tablet

4. No Cloud storage and internet function exists for the tablet to ‘offload’ or transfer books from the tablet to another

5. Life span of tablet is 10 years

6. Tablet operates without need of any energy

7. Copying or replicating data inside tablet are not possible

8. Using tablet or reading a real book does not affect the health or mental state of a person

9. All online books are ‘free’

10. Online books is the same as a real book only in digital format

Ok. In this post i am trying to justify buying

U: Utility of the device

F: main function of the device

f: sub function of the device

U = F + f

U > 0

F > f

I: Sum of information stored

J: data

s: storage space potential

I = J + s

So U = I

F + f = J + s

But to introduce a dimension of time (T) into all these:

U is constant over time. But J and s are not. J will increase over time and storage space potential decrease over time.

Our ultimate aim here is to compare a Tablet with books. Actually it is just like comparing apples to oranges. Yes both are fruits but that’s about it. One Tablet can contain hundreds if not thousands of book data. So a tablet should be compared to a small library for example. We should also compare the ‘ease’ of obtaining a set of information from the tablet, and likewise from the small library example. An Amazon Tablet like the Kindle with the X-Ray functionality would trounce a librarian finding a similar search request. So we can say the processing or data gathering using a Tablet is much efficient than a librarian in a small library. By cost analysis, assuming all traditional “hard” books are priced at RM 50 per book and that a person only reads 4 books a year. Then it takes about 10 years to fully recoup the price of a tablet. So we can make a simple statement that says a tablet is for those people who reads a lot, perhaps more than 4 books a year. But as we can see, a tablet functions more than a book reader. A tablet can function as a magazine reader, a comic reader, a newspaper reader, even as a calculator and all these functions although small by itself, do add up substantially over time. An argument in favor of real books is that it is forever. If you keep it properly at the right temperature and humidity and keep out book worms from eating its way through pages of old books then you can keep it for your children and even grand children.


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