Why has Kuantan, Malaysia been chosen as the location of the rare earth processing plant ? Why not other country such as Thailand, Indonesia, etc ? From this entry on Wikipedia, LYNAS has been given pioneer status for this project with 12 year tax exemption status. Furthermore, this line from the Wikipedia entry, “The ore processing will annually yield several thousand tonnes of waste product (Gypsum) which contains high concentrations of thorium, a radioactive element.” gives me the chills. And this line from the same entry, ” According to a New York Times report whistle blower engineers claimed that short cuts were taken on the construction of the LAMP including the use of cheaper standard steel instead of the more expensive materials to deal with the slightly radioactive, super heated and highly corrosive slurry used in the plant” just immediately stupefies me. Personally, this is just disaster in the making. Why has our own government sacrificed the safety of their own people by proceeding with this project with LYNAS corp ? Is it too difficult to find other company that can provide the same number of jobs to the people ? Please remember that this decision is irreversible. Once people and future generations has suffered from the effects of the radiation, we cannot turn back time and say that we should have done this and that. By then, it is all too late and our own children and grandchildren will suffer from our own government decision to go ahead with this LYNAS plant in Kuantan. If we need proof, there is enough proof already with examples from Bukit Timah. We can make peaceful protests such as the recent LYNAS gathering all over Malaysia and not only in Kuantan. Many Malaysians are against this project, enough to allow our government to halt the project, if the government is sincere that it is operating for the good of the people. In this case, it does not seem like it. We can see that our own elected government doesn’t give a hoot about it’s own people. Instead TOL or “Temporary Operating License” has been given to the operator to run the plant. From day 1 the plant will be producing waste products from the refining to obtain the rare earths. To put things in perspective, we Malaysians now have a processing plant right at our backward in Gebeng, Kuantan to processs rare earth mined from Mt Weld in Australia. The waste products are then disposed to God knows where, but i can tell you that it is NOT Australia. The waste products will probably be disposed right at our own backyard too ! If Australia cannot even dare to build a processing plant “near” to Mount Weld, and instead decided to ships it all over to Kuantan, Malaysia to have it processed, well you know how dangerous these waste materials are. We Malaysians must stand as one and take real concrete affirmative action to protect the normal life, good health not only for ourselves but also for our children and beyond.


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