Turning old into new

This is my statement of intent for my new ‘old’ house. Right now it is just a house, and i intend to turn it into a cozy home in 3 months time for deadline of 25.12.2011 which is the date i have set for my Open House.

1. Repaint grills to either red or white. Anything but black, ok ?

2. Install grills where there is none

3. Change water tank to bigger capacity

4. Change toilet sink to nicer and more beautiful design

5. Change toilet bowls to water saving

6. Install water saving shower head

7. Replace about 50% of existing lighting with high efficiency and low energy bulbs, might even go for LED

8. Tint glass door

9. Repaint indoor and outdoor walls with different colour, totally do not agree with existing colour

10. Remove grass from front lawn and concrete, might go for strong tiles

11. Install skytube to use the natural lighting to light up the upstairs room during the day

12. Install water filter. Don’t know condition of existing water supply to the house yet

13. Do a custom counter-top for the kitchen. A nice and simple design incorporating a dual sink design

14. Paint roof tiles with protective layer to prevent it from ‘ageing’ and making it look shiny

15. Replace the front gate and install auto-gate system

16. Extend the back kitchen

17. Install a DIY rain water harvesting system to collect grey water for toilet flushes, hopefully to upgrade to make potable water

18. Re-do the railing for the stairs

19. Replace current ceiling fan with more trendy design

20. Replace all wall outlets with more trendy looking model.

I might not be able to complete all of the above by Open House day but i will try my best and complete about 3/4 of it. It will require moolah but since i intend to DIY every single items on the list, i hope to be able to cut down my expenses which is only material costs. Wish me good luck !


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