DIY Throttle Body Cleaning and MAF Sensor cleaner


Tools & Chemicals needed: Philips screw driver, good condition rag cloth, CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner (RM 32.00) , CRC Throttle / Carb Cleaner (RM 22.00), WD-40, used toothbrush.

Managed to cleaner the throttle body and MAF sensor cleaner of my Suzuki Swift. I’ve been wanting to do this myself for ages. Prepped myself for a few weeks with videos of how-to videos on YouTube and also internet forums. Luckily i have managed to digest all the information required. Important point, in fact it is very important to use on MAF sensor cleaner to clean your vehicles MAF sensor, as other types of chemicals although cheaper could leave reside and damaged the fragile part. Mind you, a brand new MAF sensor for Suzuki Swift 1.5 is RM 600++ which i received a quote from a supplier. I will try to get quote from Swift Service centre itself. First steps is to remove the air box which contains the car’s air filter element. I would suggest taking a whole lots of pictures at different angles of all the parts that connect the air box to the throttle body, just in case you forgot how the set-up when re-installing the parts afterwards. Next step is to gently remove the screw that holds the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor to the 90 deg pipe bend that connects the air box to the throttle body. Make sure you remember the correct direction of the MAF sensor so you will install it at the correct direction later. Then spray the MAF sensor using the MAF sensor cleaner. Spray at all angles except don’t spray on the connector to the wires, although it probably wouldn’t harm it as the cleaner evaporate quickly from the sensor. Next step would be to clean the throttle body. Unscrew the flexible silicone hose 90 deg bend that connects to the throttle body, and set it aside in a location clean of dust. Then spray the throttle body cleaner to the throttle body. Then use the tooth brush to brush the outside and then use the rag cloth to wipe away the residues and the carbon that comes out due to the scrubbing. Then manually open the throttle body almost to the vertical, and then spray the cleaner not more than 3-5 seconds at a time. Then use the tooth brush to brush the inside of the throttle body. It is the inside of the throttle body that is the dirtiest and where the carbon accumulates. Do this about 2-3 times and each time use a rag cloth to wipe away the residues as brushing alone will only dislodge the carbon soot from the throttle body, the cloth will soak the carbon make the throttle body clean. Close the top of the throttle body with a clean cloth or clean plastic for about 5-10 minutes, this is to allow the chemicals to evaporate completely from the assemblies. Then connect everything back and do not forget to connect the wires to the MAF Sensor connector, as i don’t think the car would start if you don’t connect this part. Then start up your car. The initial crank might be a bit difficult but keep continuing. Once your engines starts up, slowly rev up the engine to burn up all the residues and chemicals that remains inside the throttle body. After this test run your vehicle and check the vehicle during idling. It should idles better and the pick up should theoretically be more responsive after this cleaning. The cost of this tune up is about RM 22 + RM 32 + about 30 minutes. The CRC cleaners could be used for about 5-10 times before the can is empty. The bonus is, your vehicle could be more fuel efficient after this simple tune-up.



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