Friday the Twenty Fourth of June Twenty Eleven

Got up at 6.30 am. Brushed my teeth and washed my face. Headed to the gym at 7.00 am. Ran on the treadmill for 3 km in about 18 minutes. I trust the machine’s reading. Played the song on my iPod – L’Amour Toujours by Gigi d’Agostino. Played it 4++ times in a row. Each song takes about 4 minutes and playing four plus loops of the same song stretches it to 18 minutes. Just enough for my 3 km run. I cannot yet figure out why but listening to this song gives me motivation and enough energy to complete my workout. This is the mysterious true power of music have on the human mind. On my mind. Personally, i miss my girl very much and am very glad that i would be able to see her next week. I guess two weeks is the max i am able to take it. As for my work, i have been trying very hard to tie the loose ends of the project and making it easier for the next group of people to take over the work here. But suffice to say, my work here will remain unrecognized and unappreciated by the new management. Frankly i do not mind as long as they keep on paying my salary and allowance which by market standards is not that much anyway. But my appreciation only falls to a few person that have already left the company to less green pastures and also to those that are still struggling along with the current company. If i continue longer writing about my work here in this post, i will only make myself depressed and get others reading this post depressed as well. So i will stop talking about my work ever on this blog again.

The two pictures above are taken from the following link. I have been thinking a lot on how to supplement my current feeble income. Should i freelance my work and still continue working for the company. Or should i take a night-time job instead. I am a mechanical engineer by trade. This is a wide scope that is Mechanical Engineering. Now i am in the middle position of my career. Should i aim for a higher position in a new company or should maintain the same position doing the same thing with additional scope. I think i am still talking about my work. I should stop. I am strong. Perhaps not strong enough. Ok, on to other stuff. Will try my best not to get sucked into talking about my work. I promise. I hope i will succeed. I need to expand my horizon. To expand my borders. Both physically and emotionally. Both mentally and also physically. I will strengthen my body. I will be more matured. Be in a meaningful relationship with the person i love and trust. Do the things i love to do. Find my vocation. Find my hobby. It is still out there. During high school, my hobby was playing chess and i got quite good at that. Read many chess books and also articles on the news papers. Remembered my mom used to buy newspapers even the BM language papers which have articles on chess. I read chess books voraciously and  absorb the lessons like a big dry sponge. Managed to win a few school tournaments and also open tournaments outside of school. Then when i am at college, i still plays chess with my course-mates but didn’t enter too much tournaments. College times are really blur to me, especially during my time doing Australian Matriculation in Sunway. Really felt lost during my time there. Didn’t make too much friends and sharing a room with a smoker didn’t help matters much. Probably breath enough carbon to last me a few lifetimes of lung cancer during that period. After Sunway, went to Inti College Subang to do my Diploma in Engineering. I spend about only semester in the Subang campus doing my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering because after that, the college transferred us to Inti @ Nilai. We are actually the pioneer students at Inti Nilai. Back then, Nilai was a nowhere land. A jungle in the middle of no where. Spend time doing my Diploma and also Higher Diploma in Inti College Nilai. Back then it was just a college, and not yet upgraded itself to a University. Luckily i have got good friends back then, Sunny Lee, Jeremy Seh, Koka William to name a few but these three are my best mates back then. Totally could not have survived college without them. In the evenings we usually played futsal or Red Alert, Starcraft in our rooms. Luckily there was a Cyber Cafe in the college back then, i am not too sure about now but it should still be there. It was THE place to hang-out after courses and also sometimes during boring lectures 🙂 Also sometimes the Cyber Cafe management held some competitions for games like Red-Alert, Star Craft and the likes. Well, to tell you honestly i didn’t join a single tournament as i deemed myself too lousy but my mate Jeremy Seh and Sunny have joined a few. But they didn’t won any 🙂 College time are by and large quite a relaxing period and only during exams did we head to the library to do some studying as normally the rooms are too noisy from music being played at full volume and bass from nearby neighbors whom i could totally swear are deaf. The period before and after exams are as different as night and day. Trust me, we do know how to party back then after our exams. Sometimes we would just play online games for 24 hours straight. And skip the next days lectures. But it still amazes me that we do not take alcohol and also party with girls then (not that we do party with girls now even). Still it was a totally fun period. I have to add that we are able to do all that with our parents money and for that i am FOREVER indebted to my parents. I now only truly appreciated the hard work that my parents must have gone through to put me to college and afterwards to university. It was my parents sacrifice alone that made me what i am today. Right now, i am 32 (in Chinese Calendar, i am already 33). This is my life, i will try my very best to make it better for everyone that have touches my heart and i love.

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