I have now spend one week in Bahrain. Weather here is getting hotter by the day. Worse still, is the sand storms which is happening with increasing regularity with each passing day. About the food here, for breakfast normally i eat biscuits and drink Nescafe which would last me for about 3-4 hours. Normally i start my work by reading emails on my gmail accounts, reading facebook updates by friends and colleagues, previous day market update in US, online Star, online NST, malaysia-today, malaysiafinance blog, my BFF – SK Ding’s blog, lifehacker updates, inhabitat updates, forum updates, Jalopnik updates, updates. After that i would update my facebook status with funny phrases or words that come up on my mind. Then i would check again my gmail accounts for any incoming mail. After that, i would check the local share market performance which should not really bother me any more as i had sold all my shares in May 2011. Sometimes i would also check the latest gold prices which should also not bother me anymore as i had sold all my gold holdings in May 2011. After that i would normally check my blog (yes, THIS blog) for any reader comments, if any. Finally after all these non-productive work, i would start my outlook and then dock it waiting for all emails to be downloaded. By this time it would be time for my lunch time with SK Ding. Haiz… lazy to continue this post la…………be………….continued…………..


One response to “Bahrain

  1. same same here, i think i’m getting old, production rate also drop liao. need more vitamin m to push the production higher.

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