New Bahrain Apartment



Just arrived at Bahrain yesterday. Flight was ok, not too much turbulence. The flight movies are crap as always with Gulf Air. I watched as total of 3 movies on the flight, Discovery Mega Factories – Porsche, Company Men and The Dilemma. From the documentary, i have learned that the Germans are still number one in Manufacturing Technology. They seem to have managed to find the perfect marriage of technology (automation) and human labor (manual) in the huge mega factories. And the end product is usually amazing cars ! 🙂 For that, we shall always be thankful for the Germans. Personality wise, they’re a boring as hell but they do make the best cars on the planet. As for the movie, Company Men, this is a slow going drama about 3 men losing their jobs and how they face their life after realizing that their job is taken from them when they least expected it. I could go on and on about the story-line which is enough to make my ultra hyper active nephews and nieces sleep but i won’t. I would just like to make some two cents comments about what i have managed to learn from watching the movie. What i learned was that never live above your means. Do not buy a big house if you cannot afford it when you don’t have sufficient funds to cover the mortgage for at least 6 months if you suddenly lose your job. Do not lease and expensive car, reason being that you would probably need to hand over it to the bank if you lose your day job. Never treat your job as if it is your right to keep working in the company even when the company is suffering financially. When a bad downturn occurs, everyone’s head is on the chopping block. The unfortunate thing is normally, it is those on the factory floor that suffers the downsizing first. And the ugly thing is that it is the norm for high executives and CEOs to keep paying themselves big fat salaries and bonuses when the same downsizing is happening at the factory floor level. This is the norm, not the exception and this is a global trend. The rich enrich themselves as the poor majority who help build, ships, cars, homes, and what nots with their own two hands are left to fend for themselves. And finally to the movie, the Dilemma, starring my two favorite actresses, Wynona Ryder and also Jennifer Connelly :). Basically this is a comedy and really not much you can learn from comedies. But i have managed to get some lesson by watching this movie in its entirety. First, be honest with your partner in a relationship. Be totally honest with each other because one day the truth will have to come out anyway, and it is better to be early in the relationship rather than later. Also we must sacrifice our time and money and work like shit hard to pursue our dreams. And even if we do that, we might fail in the pursuit of our dreams. That is the funny thing about life.


And finally below is a funny sample resignation letter which i have managed to find on the internet:













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