MU vs Barcelona

I support MU all my life. Undoubtedly Barcelona will be the favorite to win the Champions League this time. On paper, they’re simply too strong for MU. Even Real Madrid under the guidance of the Special One failed when coming up against such a special team. Barcelona have strength everywhere but their main weakness is their defense. So, if you’re Alex Ferguson, would you attack their strength which is their attack, or attack their weakness in defense ? It would be too simple to suggest that Sir Alex would go for a counter attacking formation, that is to simply absorb Barcelona’s attack and hit them on the break. For me, such a strategy against Barcelona would be suicidal and would be defeatist in nature. We all know how strong Barcelona’s attack is. Their attack would glide almost effortlessly from defense to the midfield to the strikers. Barcelona too have quick and strong wingers. To win, MU cannot be too preoccupied with them. MU will have to play according to their own strengths, which is probing Barcelona with their passing game until they find a crack in their defense. To win this match, MU have to play using both strategies, counter attacking and all out attack. MU will have to score first in order to win the tournament. They simply have to and there is no other way against Barca. Rooney will play in the wings and occasionally glide to the mid field to support the attack. But the main target man will be Berbatov and Hernandez. Carrick and co will have to man the midfield tightly and intelligently, not allowing a single Barca pass to go through them. I believe the wily old fox in Sir Alex will try to confuse Barca by changing strategy and even tactics mid-way in the first half.


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