Me, Myself and My Job

I am supposed to post this on 29th March 2011 but left it until now.

I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work in overseas which entails better pay in end of 2008 right up to early 2011. During these 2+ years, i have learned quite a fair bit in what working overseas is like. It is my first job overseas and also my first job as a Project Planner. It has not been easy during these time for me professionally and also personally. Yes, the salary is good but you tend to miss out on the finer things in life, like time with your family, which in my case, my parents. Professionally, i have to say that i was not really up to the job but luckily my PM and in more than 1 occasions, i have let my personal failings to show up which i well and truly regretted afterwards. I wish to thank my PM for keeping me on the job even after such episodes. I will be forever grateful for that. Work is part of our life as we spend hours. Sometimes more than 12 hours per day in the office or at project site. It is my personal belief and opinion that you need to be happy at what you are doing in your job to make it all worthwhile. What do i mean ? Why must we be happy doing our work ? Let me answer these 2 questions in one go and i will try to answer them the best that i possibly can. We need to be happy doing our job. We must enjoy what we do. We must wake up in the morning and the first thing that enters your mind is getting into the office. To enjoy doing our work means that we are more than 100% committed at our work. The work that we then produces are often of high quality and value. Our happiness will even rub on other people and make others feel happy. This does not mean that all should be fine and dandy. Yes, crap do appears even when we enjoy our job. But once we have the make-up, the mind-set that no matter what happens in our work, it shall not make us down and feel sad. I often hear that people complain in their work, their increment is too low, their bonuses insufficient, overloaded with work and so on. Work and human interaction is some sort of a feed back loop, a positive one, if i am not mistaken. If we are not happy, we should not keep quiet. We should ask why ? But ask to the correct person. And ask in a proper manner. If you are happy with the answer given and accept it, then by all means you are accepting to continue with the work. However, if you cannot accept the answer or that the answer given to you is not to your liking,


One response to “Me, Myself and My Job

  1. as i said, do what u love and love what u do. lot of people looking work as a nightmare, those people will never enjoy their life.

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