Nuclear Future ?

It is very unfortunate that Japan, after surviving one of it’s most powerful earthquake in 140 years and tsunami, is now faced with a potential nuclear disaster. After reading the online news, Japan has a total of about 20+ nuclear power stations. It is not a big country with natural resources and has to rely on nuclear power for its electricity for both domestic and also industrial use. All this time, they knowing that the ‘Big One’ will happen anytime. Well, the big one did occur on 12 March 2011 and ‘luckily’ the epicenter is at sea and not in a major city like Tokyo. Well, fingers crossed, we pray that no such major quake will happen in it’s major cities. Well the quake has already happen and now the citizens of Japan has to overcome the twin dangers of the aftermath of the tsunami and the nuclear power stations melt down. But i will never doubt that Japan will manage to pull through this chapter in their history. It has managed to pull through the aftermath of World War 2, two nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Kobe. I will never doubt the spirit of the Japanese to rebuilt their land. Japan and the world for that matter will have to learn to live safely with nuclear power. Because at this moment in time, if all the coal and oil runs out tomorrow, the only power supply that will keep our industry humming along. Forget the solar, wind and what-not renewable energy sources. The pace and technology improvements in each sector of the renewable power generation does not match the enormous ‘ready-to-use’ supply of clean nuclear power. Of course we will have to think and build much safer plant of a magnitude 2-3 times safer than what we have at this moment. In our near future, 20-30 years i foresee that nuclear power generation will be the main power supply once oil runs out.

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