Be prepared

To be better prepared for any future disaster, one can take the following steps:

1. Buy loads of canned food that takes about 1000 years to become bad.

2. Stored at least 10,000 gallons of fresh potable water per person.

3. Build a nuclear bunker, preferably below your own house.

4. Buy a diesel vehicle.

5. Store loads of diesel, preferably outside your house.

6. Gas masks.

7. Oxygen tanks.

8. Load of clean clothing.

9. Flares, we need flares.

10. Load of comic as internet would probably be down or really slow during a disaster.

11. Potable generator, preferably diesel powered.

12. Torch light, preferable can be mechanically recharged.

13. Solar power panels as electricity would probably be down during a disaster.

14. Keep some amount of cash nearby, as banks and ATM would probably be shut down during a disaster.

15. A motor cycle just in case the world turns into zombies and you would really need a 2 wheeler to escape from them.

16. A shot-gun

17. Bullets for shot-gun

18. A functioning toilet

19. Good running shoes to run away from zombies

20. A comfortable bed

21. Condoms, you will still need to have sex during a disaster but without pregnancy from partner.

22. Crow-bar, to protect against zombies.

23. An axe.

24. Camera

25. Beer


3 responses to “Be prepared

  1. prepare for 2012. maybe i will buy a piece of land on the top hill and rent it to those people when the time come. i will become a trillionaire ^^

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