I have been to Singapore for holiday a couple of time with my family. What struck me most about the place is the vivacity of the people. The kinetic energy of the place is just simply incredible. I can safely say that Singapore is safer than Kuala Lumpur or even Malaysia as a whole. You can see people crossing the road, and even when it is green light, the cars and lorries and even motorcyclists still wait patiently for the pedestrian to fully cross the road. This is unlike here in Malaysia where the cars will probably bully the pedestrian by inching their car once the light is ready to turn green. I am not trying to put down my own country through this post but merely stating an observation of mine. The place is cleaner too with almost zero rubbish by the road side and along the side walks. Very impressive. Singapore is a young city. Everywhere you can find young adults. This makes the city ever so vibrant and seems so full of life. Everything seems more systematic with this place, from the road signs to the way people queue to take their place inside public transports. Eclecticism mixed with cold efficiency seems to sum up the nature of this country. Singapore will not be my top choice to hang around during my retirement days which hopefully is a long long time away. But as an working adult, you will simply get addicted to the high energy that this place offers. I would recommend anyone finding for job in Malaysia to try their luck first in Singapore. At the very worst, if you can’t find one in Singapore, then only try your luck in Malaysia.

(The above is just my personal opinion. I still love Malaysia as it is still my country but there is a lot that we can learn from our southern neighbor)


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