I am my own greatest investment

Who are we ? Who we are ? We are what we do. What we do depends on how many whats we have. What kind of friends that we have. What we are also depends on how we interact with our parents. With our families. With our friends. With our colleagues. With our bosses. We are our own investment. We invests in ourselves. Whether knowingly or not. We have intrinsic value, just like equities (shares of companies publicly traded on the Exchanges). Our decisions and subsequent actions have effect on the intrinsic value of ourselves. Mistakes will weaken our value but good decisions should increase our value. In the long time, if we keep a straight head and make fairly (not necessarily world class good but fairly good) good decisions we should be able to increase the value of ourselves. Some examples:

1. Getting a good and well rounded education

2. Have conductive well meaning friends

3. Find a job that have passion for. I need to emphasize the word passion here. Its important to work in something that we are passionate about. We do not have to like our work BUT we need to have passion for it. It’s a lot like love. We do not expect every session of love making to be full of passion but it has to start with passion for love. I hope you understand what i mean here.

4. Find a person you like and have feeling for

5. Make her your wife

6. Have children with her

7. Grow your own business or career

8. Widen your knowledge and mind together with your partner

9. Guide and educate and just simply shower love to your children

10. Find strength in yourself to help others in need.

The lists goes on and on. However, it does not mean that we will constantly be making good decisions in our life. Life is not like that. We will make mistakes. Many mistakes along the way. Some repeatedly. But by average, the good decisions that we make should be worth much more than the mistakes that we make. This is because if we can localize the mistakes to only affect ourselves and does not affect others, this is in generally the preferred way to make mistakes. Sometimes the only way we can learn is through making mistakes. Sadly this is very true. If our mistakes affect only OUR OWN, then it is ok. It is not ok, if the mistakes of our own making bring effect to our friends, to our families. This would be unfair. But sometimes if we are married and already have kids this is unavoidable. We will just have to pick up the pieces along the way and hope that such mistakes are not repeated. Our own good decisions like marrying a good wife who then become a good mother to your kids. This is the multiplier effect. It gives us more strength to continue and be successful in our lives.

The beauty in investing in yourselves is that we are our own shareholder. No one else owns you (maybe except your wife and/or mother !). No one else can control your share price. All we have to do is to think clearly what is our aim and goal. Some people aim high but fall low along the way. But the beauty is that it is our own making. It is our own decision ! We all have constraints, be it our IQ, our social ability, our temper, and many other sins that we have. Aiyah….this fucking post is too long liao chee bai…..to be continued next year…..


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