End of 2010

Today is the final day of 2010. I think today is 31st December 2010. Which is the last day of the year. Okay, so what have 2010 been for me ? Well, it has been a good year for me. It has also been a bad year for me. Job wise, i can’t really complain. I learned a lot on the job. From my superiors and also from the workers at site. Professionally, i believe i can do a lot better. Technically i could learned a whole lot more. Sometimes, learning from other people’s mistakes and experience is simply not enough. That being said, i realise i still lack a real ‘proper qualification’ to handle the job that i am doing at this moment. Okay, so i know what i need to do now. Being away from home, in a far away country, working in a totally new environment from what i have been used to. With people i have never worked before. Well, to put it simply, it was not easy. Sometimes, when i think back, i realise there are many mistakes that i’ve made. I have not been able to keep a level head at all times. It’s not easy. Well, luckily i have the support from my colleagues and friends. Well, personally, 2010 has not been a good year from me. I have not progressed at all personally in 2010. I have made no new friends and completely lost touch with a few others. I keep telling myself i need to improve myself the following year. This time, i will need to be. Honestly to tell you the truth, i prefer to stay in 2010. But time is too cruel and ignores my pleas. So i have got no choice but to bite the bullet and meet the oncoming train that is 2011. I can hear it coming now.


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