Just deactivated my main Facebook account. Spent way too much time on it, seriously. Need to get out more often. Need to take photographs more often. Need to get myself a hobby. Seriously. Have many ideas right now. Some insane. Some inspiring. Some thoughtful. Some useless. Got an idea to swap my 2.5″ HDD with a CF using adapter. Got an idea to fabricate my own shoe. Got an idea to jazz up my ram from 4GB to 8GB. Got an idea to revive my unused VIA Epia pc. Got an idea to buy a Blu Ray player after buying an original Inception DVD at Bahrain Duty Free.  Oh mock me now please. Got an idea to ditch my wallet permanently. Got an idea to build my own book rack. It’s getting exhausting. I am not going to share all of my ideas here. It’s pointless. Useless. The main benefactor is me. The source is me. No point sharing too much here. I am going to stay another day at home tomorrow. Hoping to get more new and wonderful new ideas. Time to implement it will start as early as next week. Time permitting. Work load permitting. Need to find a place to stay in KL/Selangor already. Seriously.

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