I think i have too many e-books. Downloaded too many of ’em. I’ve lost track of all that i have downloaded. Today was tiring. Arrived at site at 6.00 am. It’s a whole hour earlier than normal. That’s just insane. our.Worked like an overpaid Bangladesh foreign labor. Need to update my resume to reflect this. Sure to impress the hell of my future employer. I’m on my second can of Fosters beer. A little bit drunk right now. Not quite there yet. Flying back to homeland in early Friday morning. Red eye flight. Can’t really complain. Really happy that things are going back to normal mode soon. Thanks to the hard work of all involved. Ok, maybe less one or two members of the crew, but almost everyone have done their best considering the circumstances. I’ve overspent in 2010. Need to be more prudent in my general spending in 2011. Which is about 3 weeks away. God, time flies. I am tired. Just tired and bored with the stuff that I’ve been handling this two years. Feels like i need a change in surroundings. Perhaps i needed a change in environment.


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