Future and beyond

The project is ending soon. Finally it’s going to be over. After two long years. I can’t say that life here is bad, or even work here is bad. It’s all about the money, and i am lucky i managed to get loads of practical experience in project. You can’t buy this with money. So what am i going to do when i go back to Malaysia ? I will leave it to my fate, but let me just say this. I have chosen my path, and this is the path that i am going to take. Fate is just a guide for me when i am feeling lost. I have my own life. I have my own family. In the end, my path will be the combination of all these. I cannot really run away from my destination that is my own fate. Let me navigate this ship and hope that the experience will never be dull and be forever useful. Let me pray that i will never reach my destination, so that i can continue to enjoy the journey endlessly.


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