Last Winter (rough draft)

Last winter

You asked me to forget

the last winter

As we danced in this circle in the snow

Dry autumn leaves are long forgotten

I took your hand and your face fell in my hands

We made love under the pale blue moon

How could life be not a puzzle,

If this sea is not a desert,

If all this is just a cruel mirage

I will follow a trail of sorrows left behind

My solemn pledge, as you fell again in my arms

Last winter

Avenge what is lost forever

Again, i stood alone under the pale blue moon,

Repaid my debt for every tear that you fell for me,

(A very rough draft of something you can call a poem. It is a bit senseless without much structure. But hey, it’s just a draft anytime. My inspiration comes from the song ‘Flower of Carnage’ by Meiko Kaji)


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