Flower (draft)

(This is just a early draft)

It’s time again

I dream of you, beside me

Hate this

Try to erase this

But all i see again is your beautiful face

Time and again

Please hold on a little bit longer

Please stay strong despite all the heart aches

Please keep all the tears

You’re the one who keep me strong

Through all these

This is my heartfelt appreciate

To the one who understands me most

You stayed by my side through it all

Accept this dedication of mine,

Apologies for the hurt i caused you

If i again make you cry, please stop me

Please make me understand

How i can make this amends, heal your broken heart

Again, this sadness overwhelms me

I ask heaven why you left me so soon

To leave a hole, that you know i cannot fill

I put on a mask to hide my tears

Perhaps i should count my blessing for my time with you


Feel to hurt

Remember all our kisses, sweet embrace

You asked me to stay strong

Even when my tears

I remember you asked me to stay true to my heart

It is my wish to be with you

Even just for a moment, to touch your face

A hold on your hand is all i asked

Please teach me how to stay patient while i wait

This endless suffering,

How do i know,

If i can take this longer

Please accept this song

And hope you can make me forget you

To let me go, to find my own peace

Find a place in your heart for me

(My inspiration for this is Goto Maki.)


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