Let me keep our memories, make it real
And I will fashion into a necklace for you
Promised i will make this all right
Promised to make you mine

Knew i wasn’t ready, afraid i was too late
You gave me pride, for being courageous
To forget my own weaknesses
To let myself be just me

It’s now time for your Melange and Patron
Pour your ecstatic emotions over me
It’s a simple high you gave me
When i asked for none, you keep on providing me

Maybe i deserve this parody
All dressed up, in your summer clothes
How can i forget your beautiful smiles,
Our romances, a dance late into the night

You’ve been gone so long now
Surprised i am still breathing, still smiling
I betray myself, and hope it looked good on me
Try my best to never let the tears show

Perhaps when my memory fades
I will count the stars in the moonless sky
And i will wish you’re in everyone of them
How can i lose a star in the sky ?

I sold myself for free, for you to love me
Endless chemistry we had together
Do you value me, my body
Perhaps you value more in being free

A time when all was beautiful, all was magical
Will sing you a song of love, with chorus of unending sighs
I’ll find the strength, to throw away the necklaces of faded memories
Please help me find the excuses to let this be bygone

(I am not sure what the above is all about. It is just a random combination of words that have entered my head. I somehow need to get it out)


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