(Meaning of word here: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/disillusionment)

Know the signs. Know it early. It’s when the bed you got up feels a little bit harder. When the train trip seems a little bit longer. When the pen feels a little bit heavier. When a simple calculation in your head does not add up. It happens to all of us. In our life. In our marriage. In our work. In our relationships. It hits us in the least expected of ways. It gave no hints. No headlights. And when it hit you, you just feel god-awful afterwards. Numbness in your tongue. Like what you feel after a bad cold. Only there is no medicine for it. There is no flattering image here. For there is none. Only cold hearted realities of life. It is one of many reasons but perhaps the strongest reason. That make people leave a marriage. Resign from a job. End a relationship. Kill themselves. But often, they do not cite disillusionment as one of the reason. They prefer to pick on something more tangible. Blame it on their wife/husband. Blame it on their boyfriend/girlfriend. Blame it on their bosses. Blame it on their friends. You see, disillusionment is bloody good at covering it’s tracks. It is the invisible hand that holds your head down when you’re drowning. It’s like the invisible gas in the closed garage. It’s like the dagger that stabs you in the back that leave no open wounds. Disillusionment marks itself as a portend to the storm ahead. When it is itself the darkest storm that never lets up.


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