Taking Stock

Sometimes we have to stop and count the number of blessings we have in our life. Our family, our friends, our colleagues and even the work that we have. I can truly count on these as the true blessings in my life. And i am truly grateful i have all that. I am glad that in my 31 years of life , i am never ever short of these blessings. It is now middle of the year. The year passes by rather quickly it seems. Perhaps i am just too absorbed in work to notice how time flies. It is zooming by in warp speed. Personally, this year have been rather uneventful for me, as was previous years. I am still single. Still not able to find my partner. I tried on Facebook but i just found out that it is not the best place to let the other person really knows you. It is just so difficult, at least for me, to express my truthfully on websites like Facebook. I still believe that the best way to find the person you like and to tell them so, is through face to face. Through honest conversation between two persons that share the same feelings for each other. I will be back to Malaysia on the 9th September 2010. I intend to spend my time with my family. But i also realise that this will be the best time for me to open my frontiers. To socialise more with people and from all the socialising, to be able to find my girl friend. I know for a fact i won’t be easy for me, but i somehow have to find the courage, and the strength to try my best. Perhaps i should think too much about this, how difficult it would be for me. Perhaps i should now concentrate fully on my work in Bahrain, so that i will not lose focus. In another two months time i will be free to pursue what i have been missing.

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