3 Poems

Below are 3 personal poems (if you can call it that) penned by me in one night. Hope you can try to find meaning and enjoy it 🙂

Life Sentence:

23 but it feels like 17
Love is like a hatred gone wrong
Riding on this caravan
Pioneer into the unknown

Are we standing when we should be running
Can’t tell you what it feels like
It just feels right
This drowning, in this lame game

When i hit you, you know it’s right
Hear me out, watch me cry
You must know it isn’t me
Sick, you’re running in my mind

Can’t remain as it is, you episcole
Shut this lips of yours
Are you just going to stand there
Waiting for me to burn ?

Let’s fight this fight
All the insane, me, you and me
Are you fully through ?
Go on, enjoy this chance

When i hit you, it just feels right
This sentence, go on, ravage me
I’m tied, ready to burn
Can’t wait to tell you, what it feels like

Parallel Lives

Let’s go away, forget the rear view mirror
Just look ahead, no looking back
Now is the right time, before it’s too late
Let us go, just go

We make this love, you and me
But something’s not right
All i only see is doubt in your eyes
When love is no longer right, when all i see is parallel lives

Am i leaving you, when all i see is the back of you ?
Love you too much, too much to lose you
Being hit with an 18 wheeler, you know i can’t survive
No, please don’t apologize, it’s now too late

Hope you love the new life, with the new trash you’ve got
Can’t tell you what it feels like
It feels wrong, even when i’m right
Still breathing, when you know i’m drowning

Tomorrow was just a promise
Something you’ve forgotten, but i keep going back
Please come back
All i know is i love you, you know i do

Love Burns

You gave me no respite,
Oh baby, this jealousy burns
Give me more time
Another chance to make this right

Spent myself right through the night
Remembering you, through this chock full of coke
Words, and the pretty scenes
Each with it’s slits through the wrists

Can’t tell you what it feels like
Chock full of hate, this is so insane
Try as i might, right through my eyes
Please give my life back

Before you burn it with your God damm lies
Love is the culprit, hate is the answer
The destination is now just a mindless rendezvous
Before I would take you to the altar, and marry you
Yesterday just took you to depth of Hoover Dam


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